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Paid Support Options

1 year Technical Support

One year of email / phone questions and answers including all patches during the term of support.

The support package can be renewed without price change every year until product version is retired.

Note: Products are retired when they are two major versions behind. Special support plans can be purchased to support a product after it has been retired.

2 year Subscription with Support

Two year subscription with upgrade protection that includes two years of email/phone questions and answers including all patches, as well as all major version upgrades during the subscription. At least one major version upgrade is guaranteed even if the subscription has expired.

To order a support package for an already purchased product, please call 1-973-796-2713.

Order Developer Assistance By The Hour

For the most demanding requests, our programmers can work alongside your developers as one of your team members to deliver complete custom integrated solutions.

By leveraging pay as you go hourly support you can have our developers work as part of your team to accelerate and enhance the integration of ActiveXLS™ and its features into your current platform.

For assistance with any issues related to ActiveXLS™ components, please contact us at:


Installation Support

To guide you through the installation process we offer a 30 day, free of charge, installation support period.

Post installation support is limited to our online support forms, online manuals, API documentation, collection of code samples and tutorials.


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