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Case Studies

Case Study: SATIAMO - saves time and money
posted on 11/6/2008 5:12:00 AM

SATIAMO is a integrated procurement solution that
- SAves TIme And MOney -
during the daily business in purchase departments of companies.
Therefore SATIAMO provides features to easily call for tenders,
manage bookings and subcontractors and to control costs during the complex process of purchasing.
Like in no other business excel is ruling the daily workflows in those departments.
Active XLS is the component that bridges the gap between the daily business and SATIAMO.
It provides us with the necessary flexibility when importing and exporting large datasets and generating reports.
This way our customers and their subcontractors can do their work in the Microsoft environment,
they are entirely comfortable with and can later on import the data to the system.
From the software-developer side of view all those things can be implemented due to Active XLS very simple and fast.
Even the important criterion of performance leaves nothing to be desired and requests, even for large datasets, can be serviced in an appropriate amount of time.
The Active-XLS generated files are rather small compared to other Excel-libraries on the market, proofing somehow that Active-XLS-developers did a good job.

Case Study: SHPA - Pilot Dispatch Reports
posted on 3/3/2006 6:47:00 PM
The Sandy Hook Pilot’s Association (SHPA) pilots are responsible for ensuring the safe passage of all shipping traffic entering or leaving the tri-state area. With more than one hundred pilots and well over 12,000 trips per year, they play a pivotal role in the east coast’s commerce. To schedule, track, and manage the shipping traffic, SHPA leverages the eOPS pilot dispatch system, ePilotstm. While ePilotstm provides numerous HTML based reports that works well when displayed on a computer screen, the ‘back office’ needs data in a format that is both electronically redistributable and that can be ‘reworked’ for ad-hoc requests. 
With uptime requirements of 24x7x365 the solution had to be extremely reliable, and with very large data volumes in many of their yearly reports, the solution had to be very quick. With Microsoft Excel as a clear choice for a tool to store, manipulate and work with the operation information, SHPA chose ActiveXLStm to augment the HTML based reports. Today SHPA staff can view reports on the screen as HTML and at the press of a button retrieve an MS Excel file with the data formatted exactly as on the screen, or in some cases with enhanced formatting (summary and detail sheets, a different sheet for each pilot, etc.)  With many of the reports being distributed to the top level association members, presentation and accuracy is of the utmost important.

Case Study: PMOSystem - bridge man and machine
posted on 3/1/2006 12:47:00 AM

PMO System’s project management application available at makes extensive use of ActiveXLStm to read and write MS Excel files for reporting and importing data.

PMOSystemtm provides carefully formatted reports to the user in the MS Excel file format.  Among the most complicated of the reports are the Timesheets for attaching to electronic invoices, and the multi-sheet budget reports that provide all project(s) information in one master MS Excel file.  Additionally, with only a few lines of code, all of the filtered lists support “Export-to-Excel” and “Export-to-CSV”.

In addition to reporting PMOSystemtm uses ActiveXLStm to ease system setup and configuration.  Through the system import screens use ActiveXLStm to create a customized data entry excel file complete with default data, drop list selections, field validation and protected cells.  The user reviews and completes the data in the file before uploading it back into the import screen which uses ActiveXLStm to open and read the updated excel file into the system and database.  PMOSystemtm uses this method to allow imports of timesheet data, new resources, and even international translation table imports that are used to display the proper language in the user interface.

Among the most amazing uses of ActiveXLStm in PMOSystemtm is the email based timesheet.  PMOSystemtm generates and emails a timesheet to selected resources each week.  The timesheet is tailored for each resource.  It includes the resource’s projects, roles, and planned hours by day.  The resource opens the excel file, enters in their hours, and sends the timesheet back to PMOSystemtm for updating.

ActiveXLStm  has allowed PMOSystemtm to provide project data in useful formats as well as retrieve and import information from the users in a format both man and machine can work with.

Case Study: IBM - Transport Lens
posted on 2/27/2006 1:23:00 PM

IBM’s TransportLens product makes use of ActiveXLS to natively read and write Microsoft compatible XLS files.  During the process of completing shipping RFPs, TransportLens exports huge XLS files that are distributed to and updated by the individual competing Carriers.  Once the Carriers have completed updating all the requested pricing information in Microsoft Excel, they email the spreadsheets back and TransportLens uses ActiveXLS to read the files, validate the contents and store the pricing in the application for consideration of awarding shipping allocation.

Automating the RFP process depended on the versatility and performance requirements required to prepare and process the XLS RFP files.  ActiveXLS provided that versatility and performance, allowing detailed control over the XLS file formatting with such features as protected cells, lookup lists, field validations as well as the ability to handle generating and processing many large files simultaneously quickly with minimum performance impact on the production system.

Case Study: TrackStarâ„¢ Electronic Invoice Reports
posted on 10/20/2005 2:58:00 AM

Cornerstone Relocation Group's TrackStar™ system provides their Relocation Counselors with the tools to quickly and effectively manage premium relocation services. Quickly, because their  transferees who are being relocated often call anxious and in a hurry on a cell phone in front of a real estate lawyer or coordinating their moving crew. Effectively because Cornerstone handles many of the fortune 500's most senior executive relocations. TrackStar™ has been the core of their enterprise initiative to help automate the workforce and their processes. Janelle Piatkowski, Cornerstone's President claims that, "There is not one conversation that I have about our company that does not in some way shape or form come back to TrackStar™. TrackStar™ is truly at the core of our business."

TrackStar™ is built with Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft SQL Server a large collection of Crystal Reports, fax generation software, a few XML B2B interfaces, and a tightly coupled interface with Solomon's accounting package.

When TrackStar™ needed to generate large electronic invoice reports (EIRs), they turned to ActiveXLS™. They knew that they needed a tool that would allow them to quickly generate attractively formatted electronic invoices with a lot of data while putting as little additional burden on their servers as possible. They had previously learned that Crystal Reports™ claimed to output an MS Excel format, but those claims turned out to be greatly exaggerated and OLE Automation had a serious impact on the server performance, often locking up and requiring the server to be restarted.

Each day, Cornerstone's accounting staff generate EIRs not with long arduous manually intensive effort as they once did, but with a filter screen and by pressing a button labeled "Generate EIR". The generated MS Excel file is attached to an email along with an electronic invoice and sent to Cornerstone's clients.

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